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  1. It is supposed to look like this is in some modpack. There is the pyramid from the Legendary Beast mod, Battle Towers mod, tornado from the Weathers mod, the armour from rpg inventory. And the factory with any kind of tech mods! And much, much more! Sorry for my bad english! xD By the way, I'm totally new to this forum stuff here, don't judge me xD
  2. Hello everybody! So I've been working on this speed art lately, which is actually pretty cool! It's a drawing of something you can see in the video of course! So here is the video! And as always enjoy! http://youtu.be/W83bIy4vgFc About me I like to do speed arts and that what I do as a hobby, and then post them to youtube. Creativity is just my hobby in general! Why? You probably may wonder why I would upload speed arts? Is it just because to look badass? No it's not. I do it because I like it, and enjoy it. And people can learn by my mistakes, and I can even learn! So it's pretty much a kind of chain reaction! xD I hope you will enjoy the video, and if you do just like that like button! I don't force you. But it just helps me getting motivated for making more videos! You can't make videos if you don't want to!
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