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  1. Dear Forum Members, I have been experiencing a problem lately when trying to put a modpack together. The problem is as follows, when I'm on the server, everything that gets typed in chat (by myself or console) has 6 "=" signs in front of it. I first thought this was a misconfig of me in McMyAdmin. But that is not the case because it also happens when McMyAdmin is not used. There isn't a single plugin, so that can't be the problem either. So you can see my options are running out till the point I have 2 left. - A misconfig in Cauldron - One of the Mods in my pack Now I have searched in every config of every single mods. So I must have looked past it, or its simply not there. Same for all the configs generated by the server. I also can't find anyone on the internet with the same problem. So if anyone has experienced this problem or even has this problem also. Please tell me. Thanks a lot in advance (If you need more info notify me please, but I can't give crash reports because their simply ain't no crashes)
  2. Hi, I cannot download your modpack trough the Technic Laucher.
  3. Hi, I first recommend u only installing one version of Java. So in your case only use Java 64bit (This is the JDK version I use). Second, how much RAM does your computer has? Regards, *signed name stolen by wild Mankey!*
  4. Hello Technic Forum, This is my first time posting on a forum. But I'll get straight to my problem. I am making a custom modpack an a corresponding server with it. I noticed that my server was using quite a lot of RAM. But that is something I fixed with some Java Arguments. But that's not why I am here. My problem is when I go in a world, I experience some micro frame rate drops. And now there are few options: 1. My computer isn't strong enough to run it. 2. My Minecraft settings are set wrong. 3. I don't have the latest version of Java. My answers would be: 1. My computer is definitely strong enough to handle Minecraft. Because I run programs like Cinema4d, Adobe Photoshop and FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 at the same time with out any problem. 2. I tested with a lot of different settings, from Ultra high to Ultra low. And yes it improves the quality on Ultra Low, but it is still there. 3. I have a the latest JDK version of Java: JDK 7u60 (also checked that there is only one version installed). So I think I will have to set some Java arguments containing permsize and such. On FTB that is easily fixed by going into options and set some Java arguments. But on Technic that is currently something else. I researched it on how to to it, but I haven't found some good documentation about it. So if you are able to point me to a good explanation on how to use the version.json file. Or you can explain to me how to set the java arguments into it. Then that would be awesome and great. Kind regards, BestOftheworld Ps. I would wanna ask you not to ask for the link of the modpack, I don't wanna be mean or anything. But it is hidden currently for a reason.