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  1. IGN: crazygoat01 Age: 12 (please don't let this effect your decision) t A short blurb about why you want to play on this server: I want to join because I ant a friendly community in which helps (and pulls pranks) each other. I also want to meet people and have friendly competitions (like hermitcraft if you watch them). ~crazy
  2. IGN: crazygoat01 Location: Boise Idaho (want a potato? eh get it because we're the potato state? ah forget it > how 'bout a gem? ) Age: I am 12 years of age and please don't let my age change the way you decide Skype: aaron.wilcox632 Why do you want to join: I want to join because with big servers you don't have opportunities to meat new people and make friends. whereas in a small community you can make more friends then on a big server, meat people from different places. And I want people who are like family who cares about each other but pulls pranks on each other (like hermitcraft)
  3. yes this does help thank you for your time and putting up with my stubbornness im sorry. but, if you ever change your mind im here probably never see any of you ever again goodbye ~crazy P.S- thanks for updating your post AFTER I said anything. it would have been useful and I wouldn't have sounded like a complete jack @ss but you know, none of you know me or ever will.
  4. I've been coming here everyday, checking my skype everyday, so can i get an "ip address" or a "no" please. I just don't want to waste my time on something I'm not accepted in.
  5. IGN:crazygoat01 First Name: Aaron Skype: aaron.wilcox632 Age:12 (aiming for the young one on the server) What You Enjoy Doing In AotBT: I love learning new things and doing stuff that vanilla doesn't allow Most Important Write A Paragraph: I love minecraft because it lets me express my imagination. I am smart and play piano and cello for 4 years. my favorite cheese is pepper jack. I love hot/spicy things. I have 3 sisters, 1 step sister, and 2 step brothers. im going on to seventh grade. Yup my life is exciting (sarcasm, that's original).
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