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  1. Name: Nick Age: 15 IGN: meerkat004 Why do you want to join: I'd like to join because during my time playing Attack of the B Team, I've only been on Single Player and it's been getting a little lonely. I'd really love to have a nice community where I can play with others and have tons of fun. Favorite Mod: Witchery Skype: I don't feel comfortable sharing my Skype on the forums, but if I get accepted, I'll gladly give you my Skype from the server.
  2. IGN: meerkat004 Age: Personal, but I assure you it is above your requirements. Why: I would like to join the server because I have been looking for a friendly Attack of the B-Team server for a while now. Most public servers have banned items and mods, but I am looking for a server that doesn't have banned items/mods, and this server sounds most appealing to me. Also, I love making friends and it seems that this server has a tight-knit community. Rules: I will indeed follow the rules, because I don't grief, I don't like to PVP, I barely swear, and I am friendly.
  3. Yeah me too I've been on for about a day and have seen no one. I'd like to see someone.
  4. Shnoop is the server ever going to fix or go back up? Please put the server back up. I really enjoy being on the server and with it being down so much I cant. So please put the server up and if it crashes please put it back up as soon as possible. Thanks!
  5. 1. My IGN is meerkat004 2. Personal 3. I've played AOTB for about a year now and have experience with many mods, including Witchery, Thermal Expansion, Tinkers Construct, and Advanced Portals 2. 4. Also Personal (Only will say depending on the people I meet on the server) 5. My personality is a mix of fun and serious, because I love hanging out with different people on the server, and also I would also join in in serious conversations or builds and such. 6. I am OK at building but whenever I build I would need to picture something in my mind. 7. I feel I should be accepted because I am looking for a peaceful server with not many people, but a good community. Also I am very kind and would happily help anyone and respect everyone. 8. I spend a lot of my time on a server that is fun and that I would have a good time on. I also have many friends that play AOTB and would most likely invite them. 9. My favorite mod pack so far is Witchery. Witchery has so many different items and mobs, and would keep me busy and I love that in a mod. 10. I would maybe be interested in donating depending on how much time I spend on the server, and also how much I enjoy the server, and I have read the rules and accept them with pride and honor. Please consider my application. Thanks!
  6. Hey Shnoop. Its definitely been a week and I was wondering when the Attack of the B team server would be up. Please respond or put up the server! Thanks
  7. OK yeah now when I try to join the server, it has a jumble of letters and numbers, and wont let me join. So I don't know if that's temporary or not, but hopefully it is.
  8. Hey Shnoop, Meerkat here. I just wanted to say, sorry for crashing your server. I didn't do It purposely, but I am truly sorry. I've been on the server for an hour or so and no crash. I think it is fixed! Its running smooth again! And please don't change the modpack, Attack of the B Team is so fun. Hope you forgive me!
  9. Hey Shnoop. Is there a problem with the server? Its been down for a while now, and every time its up it crashes again. I don't know if you are trying to fix that or something, but I would really like to know what is going on. Please answer my question.
  10. Hey Shnoop the server has been down for a day and a half already, and idk if its a problem or if you just don't have time to put it up again. Please reply and fix the server. Thanks
  11. Hey Shnoop! I have a question. Whenever the server goes down, it never comes back up, and I am suggesting that whenever it does go down, put it up later in the day, because I really like that server and I would like to play more. So please whenever the server goes down, wait a bit, then put it back up, because I am tired of having to wait till the next day to play again. Please take this into consideration! Meerkat
  12. Hey Shnoop! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. My Attack of the B team broke, and said I didn't have the required mods to join. But I re-downloaded the Technic Launcher, and my Attack of the B team now works! Sorry for the technical difficulties. But now I will be on soon!
  13. Shnoop how did you get your Attack of the B team to work? Mine keeps on saying I don't have the required mods to play. Please tell me how you fixed it.
  14. Hey Shnoop! I am requesting that you would please update the Attack of the B Team Server so I would be able to enjoy myself on it. When you do please respond to me. Thank you.
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