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  1. Hello, so as you can tell my MC crashes when I open a distribution pipe on the Tekkit LIte server I play on, 5 Kingdoms. It does not affect me on single player. I reported this on the server's fourms yet nobody replied so I took that as no one knew. Please respond if you know of a solution or if there is no solution. And my friend also tried to access a distribution pipe he didn't crash. Thanks to those who reply! I will put a link to pastebin with 3 crash reports from today. http://pastebin.com/HEexQnkD
  2. So my problem is that every modpack launches correctly but for some reason, when I closed out of Tekkit Lite and I tried to get back on, it just wouldn't launch. It would load a few things then stay on at the Technic Launcher. Anyone know what the problem is?
  3. The crafting dead is full of mods so your problem might be the number of mods making you lag. I would remove some mods you don't need/want.
  4. I will be willing to play on your server as long as my friend can play with us. He won't be a griefer and he knows Tekkit.
  5. This has only been around for one month
  6. *WARNING* Create a copy of the world before doing this! Ok so go to your start menu (If you're on windows) and type in the search area %appdata% then go to .technic and click on the mod pack you want to retrieve the world from. If you need help finding the world go to the saves folder and you will find the world. Take that world and drag it into the the saves folder of the mod pack you want. Launch the mod pack and the world should be in your singleplayer world menu. Steps: 1. Back up your world! If you don't you could screw up your map and lose precious things. 2. Locate the world
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