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  1. IGN: Music_Man_1121 Age:14 Skype:musicman1121mcrb (if it doesn't work, try Elan Chervony) Why do you want me to join?:I have always wanted to be on a server like Chimneyswift and love small servers with no briefers so we can have fun YouTube Channel?:I have one, I hope that I can put it to use on the server you have How dedicated am I?:I play around 10-18 hours a day (Usually from 8AM EST - 3AM EST) Why should you be picked?:I am a friendly guy who loves to make new friends and I hope to get into the server with you and the others. I hope I get picked and good luck to others who apply as well. If I do get accepted please tell me the information i need to know, either Skype or pm me by message. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!
  2. IGN: Music_Man_1121 Age: 14, I younger than the requirements but I would like to experience a community server based on Attack of the B-Team with other people and would maybe like to start recording YouTube video's on the server. What I could bring to the server?: Friendship, and activity Skype: musicman1121mcrb How active will I be?: Most of the time I would be on for at least 10-14 hours, even longer maybe. I hope you allow me into the server, it would be a great new experience for me. Please reply with an answer.
  3. I am 14, but I respect any server I enter and I enjoy communities. I want to also be in a server without griefers. I also want to be in a server where nothing is banned. It would be a great experience to join a server like this. My Minecraft IGN is Music_Man_1121. My Skype is musicman1121mcrb. My time zone is American EST. Hope you allow me into the community .
  4. Position: Admin How long have I been playing minecraft? B-Team?: Minecraft for 4 years and B-Team since February Age: 14 Have I been staff before?: Yes, many times How often will I be on each day?: Summer-Weekdays and sometimes Weekends 11AM EST to 4AM EST. Spring, Winter, Autumn-Weekends 8AM EST to 2AM EST Any other skills?: I give good advice, I am fun but get serious when it is needed, I have built custom survival games maps, I am experienced as a staff member many times, and I know how to do pretty much every mod in B-Team Why do I deserve the position?: Because I have experience of being a staff member and I know most mods on B-Team and I could really help. Also, though I am young, I would have a longer time to stay focused on the server than older people than me Anything else?: All I gotta say left is in advance, thank you for reading my Admin application and I hope you pick someone correctly and good luck to the other applications as well.
  5. BTeam Fan and Wizard + Genetic Scientist