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  1. IGN: skopec13 Age: 14 What country are you from? USA Why TotalAttack? I want to play on a small server that i can talk to other people on. Would i find your name on MCBANS? If so why? no because i have never been banned. Do you agree to the rules above?‚Äč Yes, i totally understand. skype: shane.kopec1
  2. Application: IGN: skopec13 Location: New Jersey Age: 14 Skype: shane.kopec1 Why you want to join: want a small nice server to play on. How experienced are you at the mods: i'd say about 7/10 What mod are you best at: tinker's construct and ok at project red: expansion
  3. Ign: skopec13 age: 14 skype: shane.kopec1 why i wish to join: to join a server and not be alone in single player i enjoy tinkers construct and all of the different ways you can build
  4. IGN:skopec13 Age: 14 Location: USA New Jersey Why join: i have been playing bteam for a while and wanted to play on a sever because single player is boring AOTBT experience: been playing for a couple months Skype: pm me and ill send to you
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