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  1. I get this error every time i try to start my server. I'm using version TekkitRestrict-2.0-Beta-1. Please help I've tried to fix it, but I can't figure out how to. If you need any other info just tell me in the comments. [01:40:51] [sEVERE] [TekkitRestrict] An error occurred: Unable to load settings! [01:40:51] [sEVERE] [TekkitRestrict] An error occurred: Unable to load settings! [01:40:51] [sEVERE] [TekkitRestrict] nl.taico.tekkitrestrict.TRItemProcessor2.processSingleData(TRItemProcessor2.java:255) [01:40:51] [sEVERE] [TekkitRestrict] nl.taico.tekkitrestrict.TRItemProcessor2.processSingl
  2. I will be a server owner soon and have found a bug that I do not know how to fix. When build craft pipes (cobblestone pipes, stone pipes, etc.) are attatched to a condenser the block seems to become there but not there and when placed onto of each other they don't stack as normal. When something is placed in the top left slot it is unlimited EMC. How do I fix this? I would put pictures up but i don't know how to do that.
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