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  1. I've figured it out. I think When you download the latest launcher, it shows up as a .app-right click and navigate to more info. Remove the .app to make it a folder. hit enter and close that window, then on your desktop (or wherever the .app was) there will be a folder called technic-Click on this and navigate the following path: Contents/Java/TechnicLauncher.jar double click this and the launcher will open. If anybody more adept to code a script that opens that, go ahead, It would be something around: ~Users/(user)/Desktop/Technic/Contents/Java/TechnicLauncher.jar and then an open command. If anybody wants to do a tutorial or a github on that, I would pray on the ground you walk on. Cheers, Modders. I just solved the equivalent to world hunger for Minecraft. yay!
  2. I think I got it http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572 Download that and install and when I opened the older launcher it told me to open it again, and I did, its currently opening, and I have some other stuff but will be back later. Peace, hope this works!
  3. Where exactly do you get a beta launcher build? The website is filled with stuff about the latest build. There is no log, as the launcher doesn't create a file, its all just stuff from my old computer, I just synced over the Technic file. Java I've tried 6 and 7
  4. I can't even use the .jar version with 10.10 It yells at me about downloading a Java 7 runtime Environment, even though this is a brand new mac and java runtime environment installed D: If I can even get it to launch 1 out of 20, my FPS tanks every few seconds
  5. Too Bad the Alienware 13 doesn't have thunderbolt...

  6. Ok so good job, Calclavia! Gene-ous Quickly: My computer: Brand new (like 4 days or so) 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display; Core i7 2.5 GHz (4 cores, turbo boost to 4.0GHz). 16GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GeForce 750m with 2GB GDDR5 memory, and 512GB of PCIe SSD goodness. Dual external monitors through HDMI and MDP, external keyboard and gaming mouse, and the mac not in clamshell mode (open) I have tried this on my dads machine (the exact same, just a bit older) with no external monitors, and it doesn't have any of the issues I'm about to 'showcase'. Now on to the issue, as you can see my computer is fully capable Lets put it plainly. Mac OS X now does not function with any of the launcher versions after launcher 2. With the Launcher 3, It just pulls up a windows Saying: Technic Launcher (which is new) and when the bar finishes loading, it says you need to install a Java 7 Runtime Environment, Trust me I have downloaded and installed the exact thing it leads me to at least three times. So I try to go to the latest Launcher, IT MUST BE BETTER, I thought. No, even worse All it says (I've tried it on there different downloads) is: The Application Technic Cannot be opened. Might I add, apps from external developers are allowed on my machine. I have gotten the old launcher to boot once and when I do, I get another hellish move of bad programming. I haven't tried volts yet, but this is the Minecraft Wars Pack, found here, on Technic. If I can get it to boot (1/20 or so) every ten seconds exactly the framerate tanks from 30FPS to 2. Settings are: Smooth Lighting: off. V-sync: off. Aniscoptic (how ever you spell that ^-^) to off. Render distance: 4 chunks, and brightness to max, and max FPS at 30. Tried it with 60+ and It wouldn't even get there. None of these issues happen on my dads machine...this 'aint right. In the comments, please don't post stupid little things like: Were you in creative, or Was it raining, because I have tried all things like that, so save yourself some time so you don't get carpel tunnel as fast as I do whilst trying to get this thing to work. ​Don't forget us Mac OS X users, Calclavia
  7. Can't figure out how to keeps reactors stable. Tried everything. Also won't drain into a tank and it just blows up and im sure im doing it right.
  8. Help! I have been working on a project in Voltz 3.1.2 (1.6.4) Its a HUGE base which will be for a later project (I'm using creative but making it able to sustain life in survival mode) I was using coal generators, but wanted to start using nuclear. I built a fission reactor in a secluded, well protected, bomb proof bunker at bedrock and it was working fine. Up until now. I heard that you have to pipe the liquid toxic waste out, so I put a cobblestone liquid transport pipe and a tank on the bottom of the reactor. about 20 mins later I go back down and toxic waste is EVERYWHERE! The tank didn't fill at all. Since then I have tried many many different orientations, even with the pipe next to the reactor. still the same toxic waste. This is really making me mad. In the older versions of volts all you had to do was build it (which I know I'm doing correctly) and there your done. not anymore. Hate these changes. Also-what ever happened to fusion reactors in 3.1.2? Kind of a bummer because I use these to power particle accelerators...
  9. Hello! I have been playing voltz for about a month now. The other day, voltz 3.1.1 became recomended, and i need HELP!! First of all, on my world with lots of lazer turrets and sentry guns, they were deleted when i tried to load it in 3.1.1 Second, now i dont know how to power the turrets. I cant put an infinite battery in them anymore, and wheneveri connect a battery, the turret moves around, but doesnt fire, in the terminal the power letters are green, but it says 999.99J of 1MJ...TROLOLOLOLO voltz Help is appreciated!
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