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  1. What is your IGN (in game name)? ricerice2000How long have you been playing modded minecraft for? normal for like 4 years but modded for like 2Are you familliar with this modpack? not at all however played loads of tekkit and tekkit classic. i played on a whitleisted tekkit server which eventually closed almost a year ago now and have been searching to play sinceHave you even been banned from any server? (If so for what reason) nopeHave you read the rules on the rule page? now about tooAnything else you want to share? if you would prefer to email me conformation on my request at my email: [email protected] thankyou please except
  2. Age:14 MC name:ricerice2000 I agree that i will follow the rules and if i do not i understand i will be instantly banned. i understand that if i insult the server in any way i will be warned and then banned. IF i give out the Ip i will be banned. I understand that if i do anything to lag switch or hack the server i can be sent to federal prison and this is completely illegal. Please DM to say If I can join or not
  3. Also I will help other players with mods they may not understand and need help with
  4. Hey my name is ricerice2000 Age is 14 I want a small community modded server to play on as I havnt played it in a while
  5. Hey ign:ricerice2000 Age:14 Location:England Times: most of the time depending on whether I enjoy the server Email:[email protected] Skype or teamspeak:no teamspeak, don't use Skype much at all Knowledge: know building and most mods in the pack but havnt played it in a while so might need help adjusting to it again
  6. Hey I would love to join a small community server as I havnt in while my minecraft name is ricerice2000 I havnt played tekkit Classic in a while so not sure and would rather you to DM please
  7. Everytime I log onto the server my tekkit chrashes may need to reset player info
  8. Hello ive been playing vanilla minecraft for a year I want to play with my friends ricerice2000 and jimmyjammybobspat I am from the uk ,so are they , from MRJOEJOEISCOOL
  9. Do u need a better aplicatiin for my mate? hes already been playing on the server throu my account so please may u add him
  10. Please can u add jimmyjammybobspat would be apresiated hes a mate who recently has been usimg my account on the server
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