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  1. IGN:A_Fat_Hobo_101 Age:15 Reason for choosing: Because I have been looking for a small server with no banned items that I can play on Place O' living: I'm not going to be super specific but New England USA Have I been banned: Nope Favorite mod: Its a tie between Biomes O Plenty and Tinkers Construct
  2. IGN:A_Fat_Hobo_101 USA Age:15 I don't mind PVP but if its not allowed im fine with it also I am a great builder and I am very familiar with many of the mods in the pack
  3. Age:15 I would love to join I am a good builder and have been looking for a server much like chimneyswift and generiks
  4. IGN: A_Fat_Hobo_101 Time played on MC/AOTBT: I've played minecraft for about two years and I have not much experience with bteam but I am very familiar with many of the mods in the pack How often I play minecraft: Almost every other day or everyday depends on my school schedule Age:15
  5. IGN: A_Fat_Hobo_101 Age:15 Language: Primarily English with some German Favorite Modpack: My own custom modpack Reason for wanting to join: To play on a server where the comunity is small and friendly
  6. IGN: A_Fat_Hobo_101 Age:15 Experience with AOTBT: Not much with the actual pack but I am very familiar with many of the mods Skype: nevinstetson101 Personality: A generally nice guy who enjoys building Building skills: I am pretty good at building its definitely my favorite part of minecraft Reason for acceptance: I would like to be accepted because I want to play on a server where everybody is friendly and there isn't tons of banned items and people spamming chat. Favorite mod: Hmm... that's a hard one I would say its a tie between Biome's O Plenty, Chisel, and Tinkers Construct Dona
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