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  1. Hey i am not to familiar with forge essentials and am having issues getting the perms to work. I have tried typing in the commands that the wiki states but with no success as well as going into the perms file for the diff groups and still have had no success. I am basically just trying to give my players the perms to tpa, and set home. But when i try to do this it does not show up in the perms file nor does it show up in the groups file. I will admit that i have not made many forge servers was mainly a bukkit and mcpc fan myself so this mod is odd to me. I am running the recommended tekkit server build and running forge essentials 1.6.4- Any one with any knowledge would be most appreciated, and any information that you need i will gladly give. I have not gotten the perms to really work so i have not included any pics or downloads of my current files, that and i dont really know what files to give ya.
  2. first off thanks for the refresher on my java, tho here is where your info is incorrect: fedora uses openjdk as this replaces jre for fedora. second the only way to run a terminal in fedora in a folder is with the kde version of fedora. as i stated above i am not running the kde flavor. also many java installs only rarely affect the other jre or jdk installs. third minecraft recamends that you run thier servers on linux or unix based systems as it does improve the performance ever so slightly. this is why when you rent a hosted server is it usually on a flavor of linux. also i have done some research and found that fedora is staying more command based while flavors like Ubuntu are going more gui based. the info that you gave me applies to Ubuntu not fedora. tho they are simular fedora and flavors like Ubuntu are vastly different in how they operate. i will keep researching this untill i have found an answer to this. next time please post somthing that pertains to the flavor that i am using, not a generic answer.
  3. Hello, I have recently gotten back into linux after many years of not using it, so my info is old and mostly out of date. My issue is that i cannot seam to get my tekkit server launch.sh to run. i have looked up the tutorials on how to do this and still have not had any luck. I am running Fedora Linux 20 with 4gb ram, a dual core 2.4 ghz cpu and 50gb sata3 hdd. i have gotten everything to my knowledge installed such as, openjdk latest version and some earlier versions like 6.0. download the latest tekkit server and set the launch files to run as a program. If i have durped please tell me. as the last time i used linux was all the way back in suse pro 9.1.
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