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  1. IGN- SilverMoon09 Age- 13 Skype- Kaiya Kirkwood How Active- I try to be on at least 2 or more hours during the week. On the weekends most of the day. Fun Scale- 7-8 What I'm Good At- Coming up with creative and fun ideas. Mods: Fossils, Tinkers Contruct, Powers (sorta). About Myself- I'm quite shy for a few moments, but then I'm very outgoing. I'm very creative and come up with lots of ideas. I also like to host special events. I wouldn't say I'm great at building, but I'm not horrible at it either. Thank you for reading. I hope you consider adding me to your server. -SilverMoon09
  2. IGN:SilverMoon09 Skype: Kaiya Kirkwood I hope you consider into accepting me. If there are any problems with Skype just tell me. ^-^
  3. SilverMoon09 TechnicPack Forums I enjoy playing on small modded servers Meeting new people, building/opening a shop Purple
  4. IGN: SIlverMoon09 Age:13 Skype:No (soon to come) Reason: I love servers like this, small...I also just love this modpack! I get on about 3 days during the week about 1-2 hours, on the weekend I play much longer and have more time to play MC. Favorite Game: Minecraft Favorite Anime: Death Note (so many choices ) Other Games: Feral Heart, Dragons Den, Sims,Wolf Soul.
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