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  1. Currently testing the v0.4.0 update, going to add alot of Voxel mods and TabbyChat aswell as updating all the mods. going to be great!
  2. Thank you! For crashes you should ask for support with a crash report (:
  3. Update v0.3.3 is out guys! with updated server files too Enjoy!
  4. They won't Working on the 0.3.3 update now, actually finished it but getting a crash in the server due to mod updates that don't support Soul Shards Reborn.
  5. The modpack (and the minecraft-forums thread) is back again and with permissions..
  6. Jon_

    Modpack Statics

    aaaaaaaaand not working. what'sup with this? (:
  7. A big update is out guys, alot of things have improved and I added server files to download!
  8. Jon_

    Modpack Statics

    Is it not working only to me? Thanks.
  9. In one word - disappointing. I worked on this really hard, and minecraft forums are just - nope.
  10. If you wanna know more about permissions you should read the minecraft-forums thread.
  11. The 1.7.10 Pack As you can see in the Technic website, the modpack has one of each and all the famous mods that we all love. The modpack updates regularly. Information More of the information, including mod list and changelogs, will be in the link bellow, or in the website. ● The Minecraft Forums Thread Download ● Technic Launcher ● The 1.7.10 Pack ● Server download Once downloaded, open the launcher and choose "Add New Pack". Paste the Platform URL from the link above and The 1.7.10 Pack should be now in your Technic Launcher. Just login, download the modpack and play! Resource Packs Thanks to Nhawks and Novamanga The 1.7.10 Pack has an official 128x-32x Sphax patch, Get it Here! Videos Permissions Full permissions list. Enjoy! I would appreciate it if you'll press the +1 Button in the modpak page 🙂