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  1. We're very happy to launch the new website and designs! Be sure to check them out. Also there's a new update to the Sphax patch, get it now! Enjoy
  2. http://bit.ly/The-1-7-10-Pack-Sphax
  3. ​There's no public server (yet?), but you can just open yourself / ask one of your friends to open a server for you to play in. It's very simple, and there's a download for the server files within the modpack's page in the platform.
  4. How much RAM do you have on your system?
  5. The problem is the EnderPump from Extra Utilities and it has nothing to do with Ender Zoo. You just need to remove the pump and the issue should fix itself
  6. Not too sure, if you really wish to know you can test it yourself
  7. I know what it is, it has been reported with my modpack and it relates to EnderPumps on the nether. They make the skeleton spawn rate massive and this makes this error. More information here.
  8. If you need support please open a new issue there: http://bit.ly/The-1-7-10-Pack-Issues
  9. Who are you and why are you looking at me like this

    1. Melfice


      You know you like it when I look at you like that. Don't pretend you don't.

      Now c'mere!
    2. Jon_
    3. Lethosos


      *staring intensifies*
  10. The official Sphax 128x-32x patch is out! many thanks to Nhawks for the good work. http://bit.ly/The-1-7-10-Pack-Sphax
  11. I actually posted some information about TechnicSolder with my modpack. But if you have something new to tell me - I can use some help with it, I will contact you.
  12. Please do not read this text. Oh, c'mon....why?!

    1. Jon_


      Or pink creepers..
    2. Lethosos


      Or nekkid pink creepers...
    3. Soupa


      This is getting Hot.
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  13. The mod actually was in the modpack in a specific point but it's just too unstable. Maybe in the future if it'll be stable enough.
  14. This is a mod crash, it may have been fixed already. if not, I'll report it. New mods - for now not, because we want to make things stable. maybe in the future. Thanks! And I say - Tech first to get good resources, with Tinkers', then magic.
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