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  1. As I remember, EU energy can work perfectly with GC machines, so you don't need to make GC power at all.
  2. The public server is in closed beta stage and white listed. Several people have been added to the whitelist from the request form! The server address is: *If you requested to be a tester and you see that you're not in the whitelist contact me here through A P.M and we'll see from there.
  3. Creepers should be pink.

    1. poryy


      HERESY! *BLAM*
    2. Lethosos


      I think there's a mod that introduces female pink creepers...
    3. Soupa


      Creepers should also have cute flowers and when they explode they give you self confidence.
      Its a dream.
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  4. I added a command to the JavaArgument that skips the event of asking to delete ids. Also guys! big news! currently there's a public server in a testing stage! we need staff, and pro modded MC players to test it. i'm adding more information on the main comment of the thread!
  5. GUYS! YES! it's that day of the week! v0.5.7 of the modpack is OUT! an amazing update, really is. update is REALLY recommended, so many bug fixed, and more white screen! full changelog:
  6. Okay, so first of all thank you that you're considerate with my english. second of all, I see what do you mean, and I don't really think that. I said it only because Jack Aachen's comment. this was wrong to say and I know that there're some people that care about making their modpacks both professional, and with permissions, but still I know that a lot of the popular modpacks don't have permissions in them and it's disappointing. i'm sorry if I was offensive.
  7. Why would you say such a thing? My english is not my first language so sometimes I can misunderstand things.
  8. Creepers should be pink

    1. EvilOwl


      Here you go
    2. The_ace2


      Or perhaps Purple?
    3. Kalbintion


      Could always use a resource pack to change their color.
  9. I know what do you mean but when building modpacks you can find a lot of strange cases, more information won't harm.
  10. Could you provide the latest.log from the modpack folder? it's in .technic/modpacks/*modpack name*/logs if you can put it in and put a link here it'll be great.
  11. Can you please provide the modpack's latest.log & the latest launcher log?
  12. Try to delete "C:UsersZacharyAppDataRoaming.technicmodpackstekkitliteconfigWirelessRedstone.cfg" and launch again.
  13. Jon_

    Mixup of Modspacks

    Basiclly if you don't care about MC versions you can ignore the Dimensional doors part. about optifine - you won't find it in public packs but it's pretty easy to add it the shaders is the big problem because as I said - a lot of the mods do not support it, so it's not recommended to use it in big modpacks.
  14. Jon_

    Mixup of Modspacks

    A lot of the things that you mentioned arn't REALLY possible. ● optifine on public modpacks? - that can be reported. you can't get permissions to use optifine in your public modpack, you can only recommend that. ● also Shaders - not really possible either. a lot of the mods have problems with it, it's more for vanilla-style clients. ● then Dimensional doors - the creator said he won't make a version to MC 1.7, so again - if you want a modpack with new mod versions this isn't possible. other than this three notes, I can recommend you use my modpack, because you won't find any good modpack with these 3 notes that will be good, stable and illegal.
  15. The modpack has been updated to v0.5.4 and has reached 2000 downloads!
  16. GUYS! Update v0.5.3 is OUT! full changelog from the modpack page:
  17. Weird. you have any specific settings in your Technic Launcher/FTB Lanuhcer?
  18. Thank you for your comment. also worth to note, that if every good modpack in the Technic Platform for MC 1.7.10 without permissions were deleted, The 1.7.10 Pack will be probably the only modpack left.
  19. I didn't and won't add Ars Magica 2 to the pack with the same reason it's not in direworlf20's ftb pack - it's unstable, and the mod author don't update it any more.