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  1. I've been reading this article. And it would seem that you are right that it is a server problem, possibly hardware or a corrupt world. I'll talk to the owner and see if we can get it resolved. Thanks again!
  2. Apologies. If it's a server issue, how can I fix it (part of the staff). Or do you know?
  3. Hi guys, I have no idea what's going on, I think it might be the location of the server, but I've been playing on a Tekkit:Legends server recently and I cannot for the life of me figure out why the crap i time out of the server every 5 minutes. I'll login, interact with stuff, and then like 5 minutes later, stuff will stop working, and then I time out. I have an 8.3MB/s internet speed, this should not be happening. If someone can confirm my suspicion that it's server location being quite a bit far from US east, then I'll be fine. Thanks
  4. Wow, if you are not good enough to hold your own and to take responsibility for crap you did, then all the more reason to ban. Logs do not lie, players lie. You got busted fair and square and so did your little buddy that was with you, so take your rants and move on.
  5. So, now we got new worlds. Creative. Survival. And a good looking spawn. Note that those of you who were living in the first world need to move to the new world.
  6. So it's the 17th, kind of far from the release and initial post date....the server TPS is still at 20/20. This pleases me.
  7. Hi fellow members of the Technic Platform world, I need your help: I have just uploaded a new private modpack to the Technic Launcher and I keep receiving an error regarding the ".zip" file. "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: Flywheel 1.7.10; Attempting to extract the file: flywheel-1710-1.0.zip, but it did not exist" Assuming that since the file didn't exist, the launcher is either not downloading from the link I gave it to download from (Dropbox) or the Dropbox file name is not being accepted by the launcher. I have checked that the two are exactly the same name. I cannot figure out why it will not operate correctly. Also, Is it possible that my modpack's directory index is incorrect? Flywheel 1.7.10 Root/ bin/ modpack.jar (renamed forge 1.7.10 universal) config (configurations files)/ mods (103 mods + 1.7.10 folder)/ coremods (empty)/ I just don't know. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. Any tutorials on creating a modpack for Technic are outdated, or at least the ones I have seen are. Thanks
  8. Thanks, this worked and I can now play AOTB! Sorry for posting in the wrong area. -HWAC
  9. Hi Guys, I recently have downloaded Technic and Attack of The B-Team onto my new PC running Windows. I have installed Java 8 JRE, but only after discovering that AOTB wouldn't start the Java VM. After I installed the JRE, Technic would start and begin the loading process but after it would complete, revert back to the launcher. Do I need to re-download AOTB or re-install Java? I have read a thread posted earlier on V1.0.9a on AOTB but it did not help at all. Please Help & Thanks, Hitler Wasn't A Christian (He wasn't.)
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