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  1. The only thing at this point I've seen I did wrong was thanking people for my time and signing my name which makes me a loser. If a mod would like to move my forum post there I will gladly let them do that. They're there to help anyway right?
  2. I didn't know where to go with this post and since I ended up in the "general minecraft" section I do not believe I am at fault or currently doing anything wrong.
  3. You probably came here thinking, what's this post about? Well I'll tell you! Its about a new modpack that has every mod you can think of from industrial mods, magic mods, and tons of extra mods just to make the experience that much better. The modpack is currently in beta stages and looking for players who have skills they think they can give to the server, such as builders, staff, and so forth. We would also like to add a few new players to the testing stages so we have more people finding the bugs. If you're even remotely interested in this modpack just reply to this post saying you'd like to be whitelisted. That's literally it! [search "The Addicted" on the technicpack website]