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  1. Username:TakeMyAccount Name (optional):Cody Hobbies (both on and off minecraft): Video games, Outdoor Activities What are you looking for in a server: I am looking for a fun and respectful community with people that are more mature Why you think we would be a good fit: Your community is people that will be more mature and not as competitive as other servers. Which is something I am looking for.
  2. IGN: TakeMyAccount Age:18 Experience: I have experience with mostly the tech side of the mod. Yes I plan to play regularly.
  3. go to the volts modpack page and its in the top right and when you get this started I would be interested in playing.
  4. IGN: Takemyaccount Age: 17 Maturity Level: I am very mature. Favorite Mods: just starting to play with mods again but i know the basics and learn fast. Why do you want To join: It has started to become boring playing by myself and i wanted to find a server with active people who actually play every week not just me on the server by myself the entire time i play.