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  1. ;D stupid me. didn't see that wrong version. that fixed it up. thanks!
  2. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/test-pack-of-the-youtube there ya go.
  3. hm, could've sworn "abracadabra" would have done it! oh well, here's the full console: http://pastebin.com/H6UzHGYY maybe kalamazam? ya never know...
  4. I am having some trouble finalizing my modpack, whenever i launch it i get this error: http://pastebin.com/TemWPLc4 how can i solve this? i just updated with a bunch of magic mods and now it's acting wierd. i can't seem to pinpoint a mod, i just get these java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError errors. any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. the id conflicts are fixed on the client and the server, but they fixed in different ways. I don't know how to realign them without copying the idfix.txt over.
  6. ok, and when i copy the idfix.txt over to my pack from my server, i assume that it goes in the config folder? will i need to erase the other .cfg files?
  7. I use idfixminus to configure the id's on both my server and my modpack. my modpack works fine, with no ID conflicts, but when i try and join the server, i get a long list of ID errors that means i can't join. I can find the idfix.txt on my server, but not on my modpack. i don't know how to write one, what do i do?
  8. ok, so i resolved the id conflicts, but when i luanch it, i get the same MaxPermGen message, with other errors besides. I've included the legacy fixer, removed the coremods and the test folder, and fixed the ids: i would be interested to know how you managed to get it to launch. it always just freezes on the mojang screen. with the console telling me that it is unloading everything because of this: http://pastebin.com/dh2WMD1Q
  9. when i removed idfixminus and launched it, i get id errors... should i just put it back in for a while?
  10. i have java 64-bit online. i had java trouble a while ago, but when i installed that, everything worked again. I hate to remove advanced genetics, are you sure there's no other option?
  11. also, it worked before i put advanced genetics in. i'd love to keep advanced genetics, but if all else fails, i can try removing it.
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