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  1. Age:20 IGN:TheSwiftMask Favorite Mod:Carpenter mod becouse I am carpenter Best Known Mod:all of them pretty much Knowledge of AOTBT (scale of 1-10):8 Skype:TheSwiftMask
  2. 1.TheSwiftMask and I'm 20 yrs old 2.Nope 3.Yes and I don't have teamspeak I have skype 4.Forever lol don't Know I stopped counting 5.I work in a bakery LoL 6.I'm a great builder when it comes to modern and medieval
  3. IGN:TheSwiftMask Exp:Since atobt came out like crazy right Skype name:TheSwiftMask
  4. IGN:TheSwiftMask I wanna join your server I'm a fair squair player and a friendly one your server looks cool <3
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