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  1. It's fun destroying mods who think they know more than the Oxford University :D

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      Man, I totally wanted to play! I was just in too late.

      Not that I was going to play HIS game. But I totally wanted to play!
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      Clearly you need to pay more attention next time.
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  2. I'm not afraid of no ban, I'm not afraid of no moderator, but off-topic has to be something that doesn't relate to the topic in general, Bizz asked for people to post their servers and people have, it was a request from the author for people to do and thus making it actually on-topic. Quote from Wikipedia: "In the context of mailing lists, discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, newsgroups, and wikis a contribution is off-topic if it is not within the bounds of the current discussion, and on-topic if it is." "adjective differing from the main topic; not relevant" Urban Dictionary: "Something that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand, in a bad way. A MESSAGE BOARD TOPIC: A: So has anyone seen the new Star Wars movie? B: Yeah, it was great! C: Hey whats that new song by The Killers called? A: Wow, that was really off-topic." And a link in which a student asks what "Off-Topic means" and the student get's a response from a College Teacher: Oxford Dictionary, probably the worlds number one dictionary has to say this and for you Americans, There is multiple sources to provide the correct definition of "Off-Topic" and that is to prove that Bizz and his IP posts are ALL On-Topic. If you want true proof of "Off-Topic" then read this whole argument as if you feel that being off-topic is against the rules then you my good "friend" are also breaking the rules that you are trying to defend, GG well played, 10/10 moderation guys, would rate again.
  3. You indicate that I have personal issue in life and thus claim that I use these to attack "Innocent" people on the internet, this is a direct attack on a mental state which would be part of having problems in life, I.E Family issues cause a mental state in which the effected have an ongoing mental issue, so by bringing family into the matter therefore you are also potentially bringing in any mental states that the user may have. So before you bring in any personal life issue in to any of your arguments, think about whether or not there may also be any mental health issues that could be involved within that issue. Ok, here is the fun part, you may have noticed that I have put a part of your quote in bold characters, this is because this actually makes no sense, let's go in to the official definition of "Off-Topic". "off-topic adjective & adverb (especially of posts on an Internet message board) not relevant to the subject in question. "his second comment is entirely off topic"" Therefore by dictionary terms and the official definition of "Off Topic" that the posts in question are on topic and therefore do also contribute to the main discussion of this topic, you also state that you are here to abide by rules and enforce them, yet you are also breaking the rules by continuing to argue in the public eye or interest and also continue to bring this topic further off topic by responding to these messages.
  4. Respond in a more rational way? to someone who is clearly here just to attack me mentally? not a chance, if he has the audacity to attack me mentally and prove to the community that he is not fit to be a moderator then he doesn't deserve to have that spot, it also took 4 moderators to "Resolve" this situation, that is a joke, A moderator should be able to think for himself and not have more mods to jump in. The fact that I am a new member have already been attacked by a mod for stating my opinions on the situation is outright pathetic and is not what a moderator should be doing. You also state that the posts were off-topic, et they were requested by the author, that is not off-topic if it is requested then how is that off-topic?.
  5. Posts like this are pathetic and a clear sign of defeat, I may not know much about the community but I clearly know when I see awful moderation and in which point did a deserve the hate that you have provided me within this absolute absurd post, attacking me personally is a pathetic excuse to try and win against a valid argument. I am here to defend a great guy with the intention of following the rules that the mods have banned him for, they have claimed false rules and buckle when asked to provide these rules as evidence, I don't plan on gaining anything from this clearly power hungry and abusive staff and will never ever plan on associating myself with such a disgusting moderator team. You also state that I have problems in my life, that is low and pathetic, why the hell would you suggest such a pathetic argument, is there something going on in your life that you have to make such an absurd comment?, is this a ploy to get me to react to you in a way that will warrent my ban or are you seriously this butt hurt about being wrong?. I will not stoop the level that you have stooped to at all, so don't bother trying to test my mental capabilities and just so you know, I do have a mental illness, I am Autistic, so now think about how you attack me in the future as now the community know how much of a low human being you are.
  6. In other words you have admitted to being wrong about your judgement of this behaviour? All fo the Server I.P posts in this topic have been included in the pack therefore by your own knowledge and post you have said it's fine, yet you seem to think that Bizz is breaking the rules?, ow can it be allowed and not allowed?
  7. No offence to any of the mods here but isn't this forum meant for anything that is included in any packs? If so then Bizz is well within his rights to ask for people to post the I.P.s of any server since he is actually including them within the pack, seeing as though those I.P.s are actually in the pack then those rules that you have stated are invalidated due to the fact that this forums rules do not state that this is not actually allowed, so as a new member all I am seeing is power hungry mods and I already do not like that, as a moderator you are meant to abide by the rules yourself and those that have been forced upon you as a staff member, as far as I can see, that is not happening right now. I was once a community owner myself for about 6 years and if I had any staff that were doing this then they would have been warned or removed from staff, please state where it says that this sort of posting is not allowed and also please take in to account the fact that any I.P that is posted will end up part of the pack itself, therefore invalidating any rule that forbids this as it is actually part of the pack and isn't it a requirement to have anything in the pack posted for the public to see what is in the pack?, if so then if he doesn't post the I.P.s then then he is actually breaking another "Rule" (Seeing as you LOVE quotation marks, I have added some for you), the thing that is the most stupid about all of this is the fact that you are arguing over a few I.P.s that are actually included in the pack and you state that he is breaking rules for posting them, would I also be correct in stating that if he doesn't post what's in the pack he is also breaking the rules?. So how is he able to win if he can't post I.P.s when he has them in his pack?