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  1. Age - 17 ign - sonofdog2 why i want to join: would like to play on a server with a grief-free environment (the last one someone turned my house into a library)
  2. IGN: sonofdog2 what mods i'm best at: mostly industrial craft age: 16 skype: bobachujr
  3. IGN: sonofdog2 AGE: 16 your server looks great, i would love to join if i can help in any way i would be glad to
  4. 1. What is your Minecraft name? sonofdog2 2. How old are you? 16 3. Previous tekkit exp.? i'm good with industrial craft, i used to play tekkit a lot, but now i sometimes forget here and there 4. Why do you wan't to join? looking for a server that isn't full of griefers and people that ruin my gameplay experience 5. What can you bring to the server? creations that stand out, not random 1x1 pillars and dirt houses 6. What is my name? Joel 7. Anything you wan't to tell about yourself? i'm a nice person, and mature. I usually see kids be what you expect them to be (extremely immature) but i was never like that when i was younger. i like to play with other people, i found i enjoy minecraft better playing with other people and not by myself. 8. Your location and timezone in GMT: Canada CST (6 hours behind GMT) 9. Tell us shortly about yourself: same as #7? 10. Do you agree the rules? yes
  5. IGN: sonofdog2 Country: Canada Age: 16 Experience and what your specialty is: I don't know everything about tekkit. My specialty is redstone, wires, and pipes and using them efficiently. Favourite Mod: Industrial craft, and the portal gun mod (not included in tekkit) Have Teamspeak/Skype And a Mic?: i have teamspeak, i have skype, and a mic. Company Name: iStuffz INC
  6. mc name: sonofdog2 age: 16 why i want to join: i like to play multiplayer in an environment where there are no griefers and annoying kids who ruin my experience. I like to play with nice people in a controlled, peaceful world, where i can actually get something done
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