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  1. We're thinking of updating the modpack without RedPower, but this would break pretty much anything pre-existing, including the Overage. We want to hear your opinions. Put some comments here EDIT: We are now updating the modpack and server. The overworld will be regenerated, and the overage will be patched up with quartz for now and many parts of the overage will be shut down.
  2. The Summer Sellabration is coming! What is it? We are finally opening up the NPS Mall for everyone to make their shops in our plots! We are also opening up sales for VIP features! For coming to the celebration, you will get a VIP feature of your choice for free! When/Where is it? It will be in the server at the VIP Lounge (located on VIP Island) Friday, June 7th all day!
  3. Coming Soon to the VIP Arcade I am currently working on some PvP maps, mainly for the upcoming tournament but I am going to pimp them out with mechanics that make it into something you would see in FPS games like Halo or Call of Duty. It will have a locker room where you can safely store your items so that you do not loose them when your inventory is cleared for the game. The biggest part of all of this is that I will not be using any plugins to power them! You will then go on to choose one of the following games: Capture the Flag What it is: Enter the enemy base to steal their flag and take it back to your teammates! How I'll Pimp It: Able to physically drop the flag when you die and is able to be picked up by right-clicking it; Able to detect if someone playing has left the game so that if they return when the game is over, they will be returned to the locker room; Killstreaks!; Custom Classes and ranks (VIP Only); AND MORE! Progress: 75% - Able to be run manually (ready for tournament), but not ready to be automatically maintained for use in the arcade. Team Deathmatch What it is: Assemble a team to fight against your enemy! Score is based on kills only! How I'll Pimp It: Change game settings like score/time limit, enable/disable features, and more; Able to detect if someone playing has left the game so that if they return when the game is over, they will be returned to the locker room; Killstreaks!; Custom Classes and ranks (VIP Only); AND MORE! Progress: 40% - Able to be run manually (ready for tournament), but not ready to be automatically maintained for use in the arcade. King of the Hill What it is: Dominate the center of the map and hold your ground for as long as you can to get points! How I'll Pimp It: Change game settings like score/time limit, enable/disable features, movable hills, and more; Able to detect if someone playing has left the game so that if they return when the game is over, they will be returned to the locker room; Killstreaks!; Custom Classes and ranks (VIP Only); AND MORE! Progress: Not yet started Spleef What it is: Google it. How I'll Pimp It: Reset the map without using plugins; Able to detect if someone playing has left the game so that if they return when the game is over, they will be returned to the locker room; AND MORE! Progress: Not yet started Other Game Types: Domination, Free-For-All, probably more in the future
  4. The Bring Your Inventory PvP Tournament is coming! What is it? You get to bring your own potions, weapons, and armor to the battle. There will be a tournament ladder where we team you up against other teams for sake of time and then we have free for all matches for the upper half of the ladder. What can't I bring? Powerful items like Nano Suits, Nano Sabers, Quantum Suits, Thaumcraft power tools/armor (normal Thaumium aloud), etc. Power Suits and Power Tools will be tweaked before the game to make them about as powerful as diamond. What games will be played? Currently we have five maps planned for the tournament. The first is CTF, then TDM, then KotH, then Spleef, then Free-For-All. More info to come!
  5. Some changes were made to the server I feel should be announced here so people see it Added dynmap! Go to costus.net:5123 to view! We have a TeamSpeak! IP: ts.costus.net Towny is now working! Protect your area and build your community! VIP Island is open! Features not yet purchasable. New game in the arcade (located at VIP Island) called Dodgeball! Come and play! Lots of stuff are being added regularly! See the announcement board on Capital Island for more recent changes!
  6. The server is now in Public Beta! Whitelist removed! Also, I fixed that problem where it kicks you for chatting as a guest.
  7. The newbie tester is not fixed but I made a temporary thing that will put you in newbie rank. You just need to type /spawn to bypass the test.
  8. I should post this until I can get my newbie tester to inform you... The newbie rank is our way of making sure you have no malicious intents in using our server. You will be limited to wood and stone tools and only be able to break and place wood logs and planks, stone, dirt, and vanilla ores. You will only remain in this rank until an admin deems you worthy of standard rank. This can be between 1 and 3 days. This should give you time to get a basic shelter going while not being able to harm others. We can always adjust if you think that another block/item should be accessible, but don't spam us with requests.
  9. Approved! Welcome to the Nuclear Powered Server! You will spawn in a newbie testing building but unfortunately it is out of order so please ask an admin or moderator to promote you to newbie rank. If the staff member can not figure out how to do that, tell them to use '/pex user <username> group set newbie' and if they do not believe you should be there, tell them it is whitelisted so I would have had to approve them anyways or show them this post. We are sorry of this small inconvenience but the rest of your experience should go smoothly.
  10. Official Website - Forums We have a TeamSpeak! IP: ts.costus.net The server is aimed to be full of features that you will all love, but not so many that it ruins the server with lag. We have a magnificent spawn we call the Overage, as it is in a Mystcraft age (AND IS THE ONLY MYSTCRAFT AGE ALLOWED). We also hold special events every so often where we have PvP tournaments and other games! We try to balance professional with fun by having such events and by hiding some fun easter eggs in the Overage. See if you can find them all! Our Community The server used to be a private server specific to our Skype group, the Nuclear Powered Chickens. We would add all sorts of mods in and play around with them. Now, we want to share with the public, so we started new and spent months making a very professional server with great looking spawn and functioning plugins! We aim at a mod loving community that enjoys using what we have provided in the Nuclear Powered Modpack (modpack details near the bottom) The Overage The Overage contains three islands with different purposes. The first is the capital island, which has portals to worlds and towns as well as information about how to use the server and the mods included. The second is the market island where you can access the bank and the mall, where you can sell or buy items. The last is the VIP Island, where all of the VIP features can be found. Rules We are pretty lenient on the rules. We believe that you should be able to exercise rights in Minecraft as long as you are not destroying the experience for others. Griefing will never ever be tolerated, however. No stealing No hacking No extorting No ruining the game for others No spamming NO GRIEFING Banned Items Usage: TNT Having/Crafting: iTNT, Nukes, Mining Lasers, all Mystcraft items (except Linking Books and stands), Tesla Coils. VIP Only: Balkon's Weapons Plugins Towny PermissionsEx WorldBorder Tekkit Customizer WorldEdit iConomy CoreProtect ClearLag JSONAPI LWC PwnFilter WorldGuard Essentials Dynmap TogglePvP IP & Stats IP: costus.net:25000 Uptime: 24/7 Beta Information We are still adding some minor features into the Overage, as well as tweaking the plugins slightly. The server is playable and still enjoyable! Upcoming Events June 7, 2013 - Summer Sellabration - Celebrate the opening of summer, the NPS Mall, and VIP Island with us! Free stuff will be given! Modpack We use the Nuclear Powered Modpack, which is a modpack I made specifically for the server. It is based off of Tekkit Lite, but includes many other popular mods as well. Technic Platform: http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/nuclear-powered-modpack.5526 Official Website: http://nuclearpowered.x10.bz/modpack/ Screenshots Overage - Capital Island Overage - NPS Station (spawn) Overage - Market Island - West District Overworld - Spawn Area (the only thing of ours in the overworld)
  11. Eagle, I am going to create an economy via ComputerCraft! I am not saying that we have to use it, but I am going to be doing some testing and experimenting with it in my office at my old facility. I had the banking server done but then my laptop died and I lost half of it so give me a day or two. Once I have it all done I will make a shop program that can interact with the bank and then make one that is friendly with store owners that do not know how to use ComputerCraft. I am going to do my best to make it as safe as possible, too. It will log everything that your bank account does, from transactions to even creating it, and what computer it was from as well. When we have it done, I will keep the banking server in a locked chunk as well so that it does not get hacked either. If you want, you could own the bank server chunk when we have it. Let me know what you think! EDIT: I had another idea for that, we could use disks as credit cards (optionally, of course) so that people do not have to memorize their number, just their password.
  12. What is your Minecraft username? Absorr How old are you? 16 In what country do you live? USA Will we find a ban record of you on a banlist like for example mcbans.com? I've never been banned, so nowhere What is your favorite part of Tekkit/Tekkit Lite? Making industrial machines and programming in ComputerCraft What makes you interested in Sweden Tekkit Lite? One of the only organized Tekkit Lite servers I have found
  13. There is no console error, I can still spawn in the items and use them as I normally would, but no player or OP can craft anything from Buildcraft. No idea what could have caused this. Any suggestions, fixes, something? I know there is not much in this post but there's not much to it really. EDIT: Found the solution! I stopped server than started back up. So this was pointless. Sorry.
  14. That was not the point in me starting this discussion. I wished to discuss tekkit 3.0.1 and if this may be a glimpse at the future of Tekkit. I know what the build is about and stuff I just wanted to discuss the possibility of what the next version will be. Every time I try to start a nice discussion everyone takes it too seriously and starts yelling at me about stuff I already know, well I HAD IT WITH YOU PEOPLE! Do you guys even know what a DISCUSSION means? If I wanted a question like that answered I would have posted in the other thread. Those &quot;questions&quot; were discussion points and you people are terrible at seeing that!
  15. That's a little harsh... I just wanted to find out something about this since there is no info on it.
  16. What is up with the latest build of Tekkit, 3.0.1? There is no mention of it on the site anywhere! Also, it does not include Buildcraft, Equivilant Exchange, or Timber, but does include some other great ones. Is there server files yet? Also why is there a lack of those 3 mods I mentioned (and possibly others I didn't notice)?
  17. Yeah. Mods are modifying Minecraft and require it to be on client side. Plugins are for Bukkit and are server side only. Also, I am pretty sure Spout still doesn't work with Tekkit. If we were doing mods, I would say Smart Moving. If we were doing plugins, I would say Dynmap.
  18. I think the easiest way to do that is to see if redpower's buffer (the thing that right clicks with whatever is in its inventory) will work with IC2's treetap and rubber trees and go from there. That's how to make an automatic treetap
  19. absorr

    Other Mods

    How can I install other mods? I place them in the mods folder as the mods instruct me to and they won't load! They are obviously being used because when I try to modify them it says the server is using them but they server will not load them! They are meant to work with the mod loaders used. Nothing shows in the console. The mods I am trying to use are AnimalBikes and ComputerCraft.
  20. Ok firstly to the guy above me, who says brah? To all of you, this mod would be awesome to include. I have seen it in the yogscast and though it can not be seen by other players it does look very useful and stuff. i agree with the person that suggested it being optional, but is optional an option? SOme things you will require for the server because it is not client oriented enough. I would think this would be more on the server side so I don't see optional happening. If I'm wrong, optional would be cool.
  21. Let me guess, does it also happen while using any GUIs made by Tekkit and when you place some objects? Yeah, get rid of Spout, it is no where near compatible with Tekkit. The same thing happened to me before so that is how I know.
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