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  1. I just started blightfall am disapoint bc silverwood does nothing am hungry halp pls any tips??
  2. I have played a lot of Attack of the B Team alone, and that sucks. I was wondering if there's anyone out here who would like to play with me? If so: Skype?(If you don't have one, MAKE ONE seeing as instant communication is a must have) IGN? Timezone? Experience?
  3. I'm willing to join you. Is it okay to plug my channel onto this one? I'm not very popular. IGN: TCTheBuilder Age: 12 (I am mature, maturity is not an issue) Skype: thylan.greene Experience with Technic/Tekkit: Not new, however not fully experienced (so i know a few crafting recipes here and there as well as where to get some ores) Timezone: EDT I look forward to playing with you!
  4. Hey, I'll join! Skype: thylan.greene IGN: TCTheBuilder Friendly: Yes Proactive: Absolutely
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