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  1. OK I NEED HELP SO IM REALLY ANGRY CAUSE NOTHING WORKS, For starters i downloaded the technic launcher for windows it finished downloading and it wouldnt open and nothing showed up in my roaming i clicked on it and nothing would happend. So just cause mabey it would work i download the osx one and guess what IT OPENED so i played it for like 5 min then acidentally exited out of minecraft and when i tried to go back in it and it said there was an update so i clicked yes and and error popped up saying (Error unzipping a file for the following pack: Tekkit. Attempting to extract file tekkitmain-1.0.zip, but it did not exist. Please consult the modpack author) so i said whatever i will not update i cliked it again and said no then stuff would load at the bottom and then a window(probally minecraft) opened and instantly closed and that kept happening. Im a VERY impaciente person and when i get something i expect it to work OR ATLEAST SOMEONE ELSE HAVE THE PROBLEM ive been searching everywhere and nothing so if someone could either help me with getting the windows tekkit launcher to work or get rid of that error then i would be extremly grateful. I have done verything from uninstall java and reinstall redownload tekkit anything i could of think of it seems NOONE has this problem except me. PLEASE HELP. PC: Im on vista 32 bit
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