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  1. yes i have updated all mods that you said here then it fixed the crashing problem now server stable and works thank you -updated to 2.2B-
  2. then after i tried the server this is what i got http://pastebin.com/q6FAHuwt then client when trying to load crashes also http://pastebin.com/3cPNyWEp
  3. All those mods we were updated 2.2A Bin was fixed
  4. Okay i got it to work i had remove a mod that was optifine but when i try connect server it says timed out or refused connection when direct connecting to localhost any help
  5. Yeah still no clue wtf the error means
  6. Is all mods up to date? Is forge up to date? DO you have memory/ram left? (2.0gb of ram atleast) URL link to you mod pack?
  7. Crash error or no? mods all up to date? Correct forge and up to date? Mod pack so i can test this if this is private i cant help you that much :/ Correct mod config?
  8. http://www.mediafire.com/download/m22dtk0cz60dbyf/fml-serverlog.txt.txt since paste bin only allows 512kb this is 1.26mb you dont have download it you can preview it Server Log Found
  9. *yes all the mods and forge have been updated from 2.1C *when ever the server loads it discards all errors so does not give me a crash or log file as it never ran *Witch one is fastest Optifine or Fastcraft? (took me 2 hours finish the updated versions for the mods so now i think it fix some of problems that i had)
  10. * i am using forge as a server the latest * the crash report its already linked and its above it (if your asking about crash log its deletes it with out saving so i copied it from console) *i have no clue why its trouble *i know some mods are out dated i have no clue if this causing players reload game have world load correctly i may fix that next update (i will not use solder be cause it so confusing as fuck and no video about it)
  11. hello ive made a mod pack and now trying create a server with it and now ive run into problems like server stops and crashes ill give you log here: http://pastebin.com/TGzs8m6n i have no clue what this is XD
  12. hello i been expriense some issues with pack i dont how fix them when i load a single player or create one its does not load it just stops loading complete try end task it but its just says it alreday ended any solution? Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/happiyshardtech.777222 any thing helps thanks i noticed some times it will crash during launch saying unknown ids not register to minecraft Errorlog: http://pastebin.com/9SZrks9N it waiting for client then my minecraft does nothing :/
  13. mine to but instead of error it dumps the files into a folder calling it modpack(2) makes me mad :/
  14. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/happiyshardtech.777222 theres the link
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