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  1. Well, I have seemed to have figured out a fix. In case you were wondering, there is now no way to make a modpack on Mac under the latest version of Mac OS (El Capitan). For what ever reason the os (regardless of the archiving program you use) does not pack the files correctly. Trust me i've tried 15+ different programs to no avail. The only way I could get the modpack to pack correctly is to pack it using winrar for PC on a virtual machine. Sorry to all you other mac users, but there is no other way to make a modpack unless you're using an older version of Mac OS.
  2. Hey all, so i've recently created a new modpack and wanted to share it with the community. I'm having an issue getting the pack to install correctly. Whenever I download and install the pack it goes smoothly, the pack downloads and shows that it installed. Thats great and dandy, but the pack didn't install correctly at all. I go to play the pack and vanilla minecraft loads up. I took a look at the directory folder for the modpack, and the Launcher unpacked the archive folder into the directory. So what it's doing is unpacking the zip like this /modpacks/Testmodpack/Testmodpack/bin...etc. Inst
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