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  1. Don't use a cracked launcher. Locked.
  2. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  3. Absolutely nothing about Tekkit let alone a discussion about it. Moved to Platform Pagoda.
  4. Not a discussion about B-Team. Also most likely not a B-Team issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda.
  5. https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  6. Moved to bug reports.
  7. Considered consulting an exorcist? Looks like it is could potentially be a driver or hardware issue. Going to need operating system, system specs, java version, and a launcher log.
  8. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  9. Not a launcher issue and also no support for Pixelmon. Locked.
  10. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  11. The only reason to fill out that field is if you want to use your Minecraft avatar on the Platform. In which case you also have to click on the check box to enable it. Otherwise it will use whatever avatar you have associated with your Gravatar account. If you don't use your Minecraft avatar or don't have a Gravatar account, then you'll get a random avatar. You can also associate your Minecraft username on the forums, but all it does is show it on your profile and on your posts(as Jaari linked to above). It does not change your avatar.
  12. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  13. No support for Pixelmon. Also this is for servers, not modpacks. Locked.
  14. No support for Pixelmon. Locked.
  15. Hm thought that issue was fixed a few months ago, guess not.
  16. Not a launcher issue. No support for Pixelmon. Locked.
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