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  1. Not a discussion about Blightfall, moved to Platform Pagoda. You're free to figure out how to copy and paste files and setting up Forge with the Vanilla launcher; however, you will not receive support detailing how to do so, here. You should direct such questions to the relevant parties. Locked.
  2. Not entirely sure how you skipped the entire section related to Technic and then go to the only one that's about non-Technic & Minecraft discussion. Regardless moved to Platform Pagoda. To change your Platform username, log into your account then change your username in the profile settings.
  3. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  4. Hello all, As part of an ongoing effort to update, streamline, and improve the forum. You may have recently noticed some changes to your: groups, ranks, and permissions. Those of you with the New Member rank have had several restrictions applied to your accounts. They're as follows: Reduced storage allotment for attachments. Reduced PM storage allotment. Reduced number of PM participants. Reduced to 1 reaction per day. Limited to a small number of pre-approved websites you can link. Unable to advertise or reply to an advertisement. [1] Unable to
  5. Run an official modpack such as Tekkit Legends then upload an updated log.
  6. Not a Tekkit Classic bug. Moved to Server OP Swap Shop.
  7. Temporarily disable Norton and see if the issue persists. Regardless, I would recommend uninstalling Norton and replace it with just about anything else. Malwarebytes and Bitdefender are pretty good.
  8. Not a launcher issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda. Need more specifics. What is the error you're given when trying to download? What browser and version are you using? Do you have any addons/plugins running? Do you have an antivirus running and what's the name of it? Are you on your own home network or using a school/work/public network?
  9. Moved to Platform Pagoda. Also you need to actually upload your logs and not just put a local file link.
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