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  1. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  2. Not a Tekkit issue. User modified modpack. Locked.
  3. Not a launcher issue. Bedrock edition is a completely different game. You need the Java edition. Locked.
  4. This is intentional. Not a launcher bug. You cannot allocate 100% of your ram to Minecraft otherwise there's nothing left for your operating system and all the other running programs. Locked.
  5. Not a launcher bug. Locked
  6. Not a discussion about Blightfall. Moved to bug reports.
  7. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  8. I recently migrated my download servers. That issue has been fixed. For future reference you would right-click and select "Save Page As" to download such files.
  9. Uninstall that account generator crap and buy Minecraft. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  10. Upload your launcher log for today. Located at %APPDATA%/.technic/logs
  11. Cracked launcher. Locked.
  12. Locked. FTB modpacks are on the Twitch launcher. Any you find on Technic are unoffiical and should be reported.
  13. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
  14. You're not discussing Tekkit. Moved to Tekkit bug reports.
  15. Not a launcher issue. No support for Pixelmon. Locked.
  16. Just search the modpacks up again and press the install button. It will readd it to the json file, but won't actually go and download the files again. This is a long standing bug that we're aware of.
  17. Not a launcher issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda.
  18. Not a launcher issue. Locked.
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