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  1. to who ever is starting 1.7.10 big dig server, let me know u got urself a new player, however atm im playing with a buddy for the time being
  2. 10gb recomended but should work with 8 also.
  3. heres a download me and my friend use and made for the mods that u will need to have a perfect experience: this is for 1.7.10, yes you heard me... 1.7.10 is the new big deal on big dig now, we can also get u a server file to start ur own server as the one who put 1.7.10 on technic launcher is messing the fuck up lets be honnest, after i updated his technic, i got several files deleted especially mods. if u need help! let me know. however, the mods will not run if u have less than 4gb of ram. it takes a shit ton of ram to run them as theres 136 mods on here. over 250 pages of items. what you do first is go to ur technic launcher and search for big dig 1.7.10 or go on google, u will find it. download it and start it for the first time, after this u download this download link for the mods, u than drag the mods map into ur big dig 1.7.10 folder, and boom u are thre. u won't need no server file to play singleplayer so no worries. have a nice day and enjoy urself. if u need any help let me know here.