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  1. Hello folks, I will try the option to have the console stay open and see what is going on. The pack is quite large but when i was running it on Windows (Same Laptop) it would be a case of click play, minecraft opens instantly and starts loading the pack, so im guessing it is something to do with the Linux / Java setup i have now. I will get back to you shortly with some news on what it is doing. Sorry I also realise I didn't answer your questions very well. So yes the delay is between pressing Play in the Launcher and the Minecraft window actually opening. Allocated RAM was 3GB out of an 8GB machine with nothing else running. Having watched the window it seems to hang for quite some time due to "Inpurecore" downloading a library file and then a few lines later loading an INpurecore file so I'm wondering if it's possible that I need to update / downgrade this mod (It's my own pack) and that this is just a coincidence that this has started happening since the move to Linux. --- Update 3 --- Not so sure on that anymore, it's just slow!! I can see it loading all the mods like it does on the server side before it opens the window but it starts at 10:22. Now 10:41 and its still loading! Not normally this slow but the machine is currently under a bit more demand at the moment as im building a Windows 7 VM
  2. Not sure if anyone else has this problem or knows how to resolve this issue but I seem to have an odd problem with modpacks on Linux Mint 17.3 Im running an Intel Core i7 8GB RAM and an nVidia Geforce 840M graphics card. I have installed proper java 8 instead of OpenJDK that ships with mint and I also had this problem on Java 7 but basically whenever i launch a pack the launcher closes and about 3-5 mins later Minecraft actually starts up. Once it starts it loads fast, it plays full speed no problem but that initial launch is so slow! Any ideas? My GoogleFu has been weak on this topic and i can't find anything about it!
  3. So after getting bored of FTB Infinity after becoming "OP" quite quickly my small group of minecrafters decided to try some other packs. Sadly we were all settled with the last pack and quickly found that other packs were always a compromise of what mods were there and what wasn't there. So I decided to have a go at making my own modpack. Armed with a few guides from the technic pages and an idea roughly of what mods I wanted I have come up with Gavmacraft. Sneakily named after me and my girlfriend who spend far too much time on Minecraft but... why not! So what is this pack? Well its basically its alot of the mods I have grown to love from FTB Infinity (Without Draconic Evolution. We decided this was just a tad too OP) but it also includes some extras to improve upon those mods such as AE Stuff and more adventure mods. I sacrificed BiomesOPlenty so I could include Erebus and have also lumped in Runic Dungeons, Harder Wither boss and an improved version of The End to give some more adventuring / end game boss goals. Chucked in some backpack mods, mine and blade because who doesnt love dual wielding and chococraft because chocobos right? I need to compile a full list of mods to go on the platform page but if like me you feel alot of packs don't have enough mods then why not give this a try. Im open to further suggestions as to what could be included if you think something else would suit the pack. There is a server pack coming soon but I need to tidy it up and bundle it. Thanks for reading guys and hope to see people giving some likes / posting some screenshots of stuff going on in their world based on Gavmacraft. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/gavmacraft.825138 Cheers Gav
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