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  1. IGN: Flipmister Age: 17 Tekkit Experience: LAN servers for around a year now I agree to all rules. EDIT: Also, mcban check link http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/28289f30a39a6eec06098697df9d3b820daf6791
  2. Better sort out that download link, but from what I have seen it's a solid texture pack... From what I could see...
  3. Looks nice for a HD pack, will try soon and report back. You know, when you give a download link ;D
  4. The buildcraft pipes are perfect for this pack, great work it feels so close to complete :')
  5. The pack would have to be completely remade, so I'm guessing no.
  6. That is as big task, and I doubt anyone would commence such a task just because you asked... I do like the pack though, you might be able to combine the 32x version with sphax or something, but otherwise don't expect much.
  7. My grammar is correct, STOP TORTURING ME!!!! If you don't, I will hit you alot a lot.
  8. The scaffolding, THE BEAUTIFUL SCAFFOLDING! Don't know why have such an obsession with it, however good job on the RedPower stuff, especially the gem tools.
  9. Pretty sure they do, it's just a dark texture so it's a tad hard to notice.
  10. Good work on the "bugs", I'm looking forward to scaffold textures, as you might be able to tell, I really like scaffold.
  11. Haven't checked the latest version, but the top of the wooden scaffold also has some stray pixels on it, easy enough to fix, either you slipped or they were in Faithful when you began editing it :P
  12. This looks real nice, may use it eventually, when its closer to finished :)
  13. Connected textures support is built in to the original pack, and the mod is built into most of the Technic Launcher mods.
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