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  1. Oh so if I were to remove NEI, it would fix it right? Because tbh I don't really need NEI... EDIT: I tried what I said and now it wants wylib. guess i've solved it.
  2. I can tell you which ones I kept, but I do remember removing CodeChickenCore, were they needed to run the mods? Anyway here's the list: ArchimedesShips Damage Indicators Mod Lots of Food Mine Mine No Mi More Player Models 2 Mod Morphing Mod Not Enough Items Optifine HD these were all 1.7.10 mods.
  3. Ok, this is the new logs I got from today, only played it once. have a look the modpack is but I have made some changes to it by deleting certain modpacks.
  4. pastebin: (I ran it twice) so yeah it won't load when I hit play.
  5. Well someone should've said so!
  6. Hey all. So TechnicLauncher has always been buggy for me for whatever reason, even on multiple different computers, but it was working a while ago and now it's not. So basically what's happening is when I go to install a modpack, it works fine. But when I go to press "Play" it loads and then it stops at "Downloading Minecraft Assets" and just doesn't do anything. I really want to play on this launcher, so please try and help. BUMP DAT SHIZZLE