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  1. Hello. I have a custom modpack named "weds4 test pack." I can get the pack to download and install correctly, however on loading it crashes. The error log ends with this I'm not sure if this means there is an error with Random things or no; I am not familar enough with Java to figure this out. The full log is here I got it working!
  2. Thank you for helping. Please recheck the .zip, I believe i have changed it to the correct way (I updated the link in the modpack editor). This is the new .zip that the modpack installs from. Could you verify that this is correct?
  3. Ok, so, I remade the zip so it would correctly place the files. And I added the configs that I got from the sever site and put them in the zip as well. However, after starting to launch (the launcher closes and a java loading window appears) it stops working and returns to the launcher. The minecraft/forge loading window never appears. Question: There are several sub folders in the config file I got from the server site, should I just move all the configs into the regular folder (and delete the empties)?
  4. Hello, I am trying to start up a minecraft server using the Technic Laucher. I have a temporary modpack called "weds4 test pack." I have the server running, however I cannot get the client to run forge through the Technic installation method. I have the following file structure: Role Play>bin, config, mods. In the bin I have a renamed forge version (forge-1.7.10- as modpack.jar. In the config I have all the config files for my mods that I downloaded from my server hosting site. In the mods I have all the mod's .jar files. The file can either be downloaded through the Technic Launcher search, or from this Dropbox link which is where the Modpack link points to. I have been looking at what happens when it installs through technic and it seems the zip file is just unzipped in a regular 1.7.10 file, meaning that my bin file isn't the one being used. How can I make it load correctly? FIxed New Problem: I cannot get the actual minecraft to run. The technic launcher exits, a CB DepLoader appears then closes, nothing happens for a minute or so, and then the launcher reappears. I got it working!