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  1. http://technicpack.net/modpack/divineenigmas-modpack.443596 I will try to Also is there any issue with the pop-up asking for the missing part of CodeLib for voltz engine, or is that fine?
  2. I have resolved the issues of dimensions and missing recipe id and other similar issues, then I got another error on phase 6/7 that I don't understand for I do not clearly see the issue as it usually says: http://pastebin.com/sehuxzHA
  3. All the mods were either downloaded from curse or copied from a modpack file originally, but I have now replaced all the "funny" mods and redownloaded them from curse. I had codechickencore last time, and I do again this time. New Crash: http://pastebin.com/UVyUWQ4e
  4. I've gotten my modpack to install up to phase 2 on the forge window, then I get a different type of crash than before: http://technicpack.net/modpack/divineenigmas-modpack.443596 http://pastebin.com/QdZ4cW5n
  5. Well, Yeah ._. I have figured that out along with many other issues and needed mods for it to work, and I think I have it all figured out now. Thanks for everyone who helped me~ If i run into another issue that I can not resolve myself, i'll be sure to look for the helps.
  6. When you pasted the dropbox link into the mod settings, at the end of the link does it say "d=0" or "d=1"?
  7. So I've been adding and removing things to help it install, and then I get a forge error saying I need a minimum version of forge: "FML has found a problem with your minecraft installation. the mods and versions listed below could not be found: Forge: Minimum version required is" http://pastebin.com/LhPuUNdA
  8. So I added both of the CodeChicken things, and as a result it launches and takes me to the FML window. Then an issue occurred with a downloading issue of sorts: CB's DepLoader was unable to download required library MrTJPCore-1.7.10- Check your internet connection and try restarting or download it manually from http://projectredwiki.com/maven/mrtjp/MrTJPCore/1.7.10- and put it in your mods folder Is this something to do with the version of codechickencore I used? Edit: I just deleted project red and tried to launch it again, and it took me to the FML window without a downloading error, then crashed. Do I need to paste the log again?
  9. I was pretty sure I had codechickencore, have I put it in the wrong folder? I put it in with all the mods. Also I cannot find codechickenlib for 1.7.10 or does the version not matter?
  10. What do the logs say? %appdata% > Roaming > .technic > modpacks > (your mod) > logs > fml latest
  11. Hello! I am making a custom modpack for my friends and i, then I encountered an issue while testing it. While it does install successfully and then launch, 1-2 seconds afterwards it takes me back to the launcher window, I assume it is a crash. It looks like it is missing data or something which kind of spooks me. Here is the log for it: (I have codechickencore in the pack) http://technicpack.net/modpack/divineenigmas-modpack.443596
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