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  1. having dyslexia i read the to be 911 at first nice mind trick young Jedi And i should care why?
  2. i deleted it moron now go cry to your mom
  3. go cry some place else get a life
  4. it was misspelled for a reason you fucking dush
  5. how do i change my avatar pic? and if all your going to be is a dushbag don't reply
  6. can you stop the macerator from grinding blaze rods to powder?
  7. what about the macerator turning blaze-rod in to 5 powders but it only takes 2 powder to make 1 blaze rod with ee how could you disable the macerator
  8. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [(REAL)Technic 6.0.7 / Tekkit 2.1] your texpac spotlight
  9. EP 8 is were i start on t tekkit server http://tekkitcraft.com/ Server IP: play.tekkitcraft.com
  10. Re: ۞ TekkitCraft ۞ [128 Slots, Dedicated Highly modified, No Lagg?] this is the best server out there