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  1. I don't know what causes this or how to fix it. My singleplayer world constantly generates annoying world holes where ever I walk. I usually just relog to the world and then its gone but after a few minutes of walking, I come accross another world hole. Please help me to fix this if someone knows how to. This is annoying as hell. Edit: I'm not sure if this is the way to fix this. Atleast temporarily it got fixed just by upping render distance. Logic 10/10
  2. 1. I like to start at Alpha due to easy accesses to the mountain area for fast Mithril, Adamantine and Manganese runs and good premade cave in the biodome for starting a machinerooms and mines. Only downsite being that you don't have a good water source closer than the swamp (atleast I think so). 2. For diamond level material I usually just use the obsidian I get from the jungle village blacksmith because turning that to pickaxe head doesn't need the smeltery XD. 3. Tbh I have actually never had the need to expand any of the biodomes. 4. At the start I usually use meat and apples and after i have gathered around 160-200rep I start to mass request emergency nutrition bars. 5. Most of the time I go for Oureclase/Mithril armor and at some point upgrade to Adamantine, Tartarite or mix of those 2 and Thaumcraft armor. And for weapons I use Adamantine/Enderium/Damascus Steel rapiers and random bows.
  3. does this fix the same kind of problem where the game just goes and gets stuck to main menu screen after pressing the "Play selected world"? If not, I would appreciate help so all my 4 worlds don't get wasted
  4. share me the ip and i will gladly join
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