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  1. Well I got all the galacticraft mods to the same version and I fixed the FTBU but I'm still getting the same issue. It installs, I hit play, forge starts doing it's thing on the loading screen, but then quits back to the launcher. Could it be something else? Thanks again
  2. Thanks, it worked, but of course theres about five other problems. Not too hard to fix, it should be all fixed up and ready to go in no time. Thanks! Update: not working again and I am stumped. I updated it a million times adding the core mods I didnt know it needed (Applecore, micdoodlecore, FTBLib for some reason) but now its giving me a message about the Galacticraft being out of date, but as far as I know that isn't true. Anyone know the fix to this particular issue? Thanks!
  3. I created a modpack called The Flare (BETA) (WIP). It shows up in the launcher just fine, I know it works outside of the launcher, all the mods work together, etc. It installs fine (after I spent waaay too much time fixing an entirely separate error) but when I go to run it...nothing happens. My other modpack (superserver pack) works just fine, I have no idea whats happening or even how to begin to fix it, but I'm sure someone more skilled than myself could easily install it and identify the issue straight away. If anyone could help it would be awesome and I would be eternally grateful, thanks
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