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  1. My modpack is called Mr.Proteins Pochokumon Im having a little problem with my modpack. I keep updating it to see if it will fix it but I still run into the same problem.I was able to download my modpack just fine but when i go to click play on it, it loads up like its starting the game closes the technic launcher like its starting up minecraft and then it takes my back the technic launcher without minecraft loading up. I dont know how to fix this problem. It acts like its about to start the game but really it doesnt. I click play another time and the same thing happens. Someone please help me figure out this problem cause I would really like to use my modpack to play on it with my friends.
  2. I try downloading the modpack on technic launcher that I recently made and uploaded to technic. Everytime I attempt to download it a thing pops up and says this: Error downloading a file for the following pack: Mr.Pochokumon Pack - Pixelmon Failed to download hhtps://www.dropbox/s/ck0f2nop3yutypf/pochokumon.zip?dl=0 Please consult the modpack author. I dont know how to fix this problem. I have tried attempting to fix it but I dont really know how to. I also created a server for this modpack so that my friends and I can play on it. Someone please help me
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