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  1. Now I have this: Pastebin for error in script: Pastebin for crash log:
  2. Running the forge file did not create a log file, and whenever I double-click the script file with the forge file used it just closes, so I stuck a pause command at the end and here's what the batch file displays before it closes:
  3. Like I said in multiple, if not all of the posts, Thank you in advance.
  4. Yes, well, how do I fix this? I installed forge for the server version normally, and I have the batch file running off of the Minecraft 1.7.10, when I tried to use the forge one it didn't work.
  5. Hello! I have started a custom mod pack with these mods and whenever I load into the server I cannot craft or spawn non-vanilla objects and only vanilla mobs spawn. I have the gravestone mod installed, yet on death, I drop all items and no gravestones appear. Despite this, I can use NotEnoughItems for recipes and all items show up, vanilla and modded, when I use the /give command I cannot TAB and get other mod items through that. Whenever I attempt to spawn in a non-modded item it gives the error 'Item XXXX was not found.' I have looked up countless other places and all I can find is the configuration files are not the same, yet this error still occurs after an estimated 5 trials after copying the configuration files to the server. I have tested the exact same mod pack in survival and it works. Does anyone have any idea how this happens? This has to be an error with something server-side, maybe something is messed up in how I set up the files. I can also see the creative tabs and all of the item textures and even place the item in my inventory, but when I attempt to place it the item disappears from the inventory and does not place. I have the start-up batch file run off of the 'minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar ' file, but also tried running the forge file using my script file, which does not do anything, literally. I even attempted to run the 'minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar' file directly without a script file, same result. This is the script I have for my start-up script: Thank you in advance.