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  1. how do i download the .jar version i have the .exe version but i need the .jar
  2. if this isn't solved yet then well i saw that the game was only using half a gb of ram and that is a vary big problem cause most minecrafts take at least 1-2 gb
  3. have you tried putting a limit on your fps down to maybe 50-80
  4. this has nothing to do with the wood pickaxe thing but i found out my crops don't grow without bone meal. this isn't as important i'm just confused about it
  5. I made my own modpack and i started to test it when i noticed that i cant craft a wood pickaxe if any one knows any mods that might do this (other than tinkers construct, and iguana core) then that would be appreciated also if this is the wrong place for this pls tell me i didnt know were to put it so i just clicked one
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