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  1. It seems to be a known ID declaration issue. try to see if you find a solution here:
  2. Your modpack link is dead by now, I hope you found a solution
  3. I can see this in your pastebin file : java.lang.RuntimeException: Can't fit all textures, use lower resolution texture packs or remove mods. Also, I can see that it seems to be a related Fastcraft issue.
  4. You link is dead. Hope you found a solution.
  5. By the way, your modpack direct link is no longer working and so, we can't download your modpack.
  6. Do you have any crash report to show us? You can found them into your modpack folder itself inside the technic folder.
  7. Is it happening only with one modpack or also with other complete different modpacks? Because for me it seems to be a modpack issue. You can always try to reinstall completely the Launcher.
  8. If you're pushing correctly any new modpack version after adding the new modpack zip, it's not supposed to cause any problem related to the Launcher. It might be a Launcher issue. It might be a Launcher issue. I don't know more about it.
  9. Is it possible to have some links to have a better visualization of your modpack?
  10. Are you sure your modpack.jar is correct?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm encounting an issue with the modpack settings. When I'm trying to enter a direct link in the 'Modpack Location' setting, this one isn't accepted. My link is supposed to be a valid direct link from Github (available here). You can see more details in the included image. By the way as you can see, it makes the data from the inputs temporarily disappear. Thank you for your answers !
  12. After some tests, it seems that Mystcraft is the problem. Removing it will solve the problem. also, be careful about Optifine. It can be an issue sources sometimes (it's not now, it's just a warning). Cordially.
  13. hello everyone, As a modpack owner, I've tried to integrate a github asset link from a release to the modpack direct link option. But it doesn't works. The platform doesn't want to accept my link from an asset linked to the release (except for the "source code" zip link). Has anyone an idea? Thank you very much
  14. Check your logs in the technic launcher's folder. I think it may be a mod incompatibility, because some of your mods are in Alpha/Beta versions. Like AE2 I think so.
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