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  1. I got a little update. Itried to copy the .technic folder from another PC where it's working, now the Front page and the textures for the mod packs get shown but it seems that the launcher can't connect to the Internet because all the Packs show the tag offline. If I start Hexxit wich I also copied the Window just flashes for a second (like its actually trying to start Hexxit) but then nothing happens and the Launcher gets visible again. For me It seems like something is blocking the technic launcher from the Internet because I needed to reinstall windows because I fucked something up while trying to deinstall an old CPU driver but on the clean windows Installation the same bug still occurs. It may be my Internet Router because the PC where it worked is Stationed somwhere else but we have the same Provider and also the same Router there with the only difference that i have here DSL and there Cable, so it seems odd that its the Routers fault. Here are the new Logs wich I get while using the Folder from my other PC: The next thing I will try is to Install different versions of Java and to take a PC where it's working here to test if the Problem is somhow in the Network.
  2. the site loads up just fine. Looks like the discovery Page.
  3. Hello, I have the Problem that my Technic Launcher does somhow not comunicate with the server. I can log in but after that it doesn't connect to the internet anymore (it shows 'the discovery page is currently unavailable' and I can see the standart Modpacks like Hexxit or Tekkit but it doesn't load any information about them no pictures likes or updates and if I hit the install button nothing happens) and I get the same problem on my Mac where I dont even get shown the standart modpacks. Thins I tried: Reinstalling java, Reebots, Running as administrator, Running in compability mode for win 7, Reinstallig Technic Launcher (with the Windows and the Linux Installer), Deleting settings.Json, My windows Defender and Windows Firewall is turned off but I still did set a rule that Java and the technik launcher can surpass the firewall, I have Java 32 bit , Java 64 bit and Java developement kit (all newest version), I tried different install locations (Deafault and onto my drive E:). I also discovered that my .technic folder is set to read only but it somhow switches always back to read only if I change the setting I'm sending the Logs from a fresh Install where I changed nothing, one from the windows Installer and one from the Linux installer, Linux Log: Windows Log: (for information schwerwiegend does mean Critical) and also I attached the lines my command program gives me after I run the linux installer.
  4. Hello I'm having the same Problem I tried it from two computers in the same network one is Windows one is Mac and both wont work. I have no firewall or antivirus and also java is set tho be able to operate through the Firewall anyway. I reinstalled it several times and tried to change the standart browser. One thing i recognised is that the ordner in %appdata% is set to read-only and somehow it wont work switching it off (I untick the box click on apply then close the window but when i open it again it's switched on again)