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  1. I actually have no idea what happened, but I used winrar instead of the normal zip thingy that comes with Windows. I used the same folder without changing the name of the forge, meaning since this problem started, so maybe Winrar does something different? Literally the only thing I did different after watching this video was use WinRAR to compress the bin and mods folders together. I might be dumb but maybe Winrar does something different?
  2. Ahh don't worry about it, I've solved my problem. Thanks
  3. Hi, so I'm making a 1.12.2 modpack and have followed countless tutorials just to do so. Everything works fine until the moment where I open the modpack in the TechnicLauncher, where it does not load the mods but instead opens up a vanilla Minecraft. I am positive that the Forge inside my bin file is renamed to modpack.jar. Please send help. My modpack URL is https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymtnxptszvon02q/plz.zip?dl=0
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