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  1. sorry, old post but there is a charger that can accept overclocking upgrades and using like 5 or 6 overclocking upgrades, tools will charge. im very very sorry for replying to this old post
  2. Okay, i remembered some of the teleport pipes ill remove them and try joinig back. edit: i fixed it i think the issue was that i had this https://prnt.sc/tk5lq4
  3. Hello, so i have been building on my tekkit classic map and while i was building, minecraft crashed with "Saving Chunks" screen. When i went to rejoin, it said "Simulating the world for a bit.." and after that "Saving chunks" and white screen. My techniclauncher log: https://privatebin.net/?e3752af48fe736a1#873mR1KLxx8hPqXt ______ I FIXED IT! THE ISSUE WAS THAT I HAD SOME BROKEN ENERGY TELEPORTERS! if i remember correctly, i made this before the game crashed. https://prnt.sc/tk5lq4
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