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  1. Aw, I was hoping you wouldn't say that. So, I guess I'll be stuck with a Solar Helmet and Static Boots unless I wanna make something really expensive. Thanks!
  2. Hey, I was wondering what the quickest way to charge an electric jetpack is? I'm currently using a Solar Helmet, but that's very slow, static boots are even slower, and I've been using a BatBox with Solar Panels, but that's also being used to power other stuff. So, I was wondering what the quickest, yet resource-friendly way is to charge it. I'd rather not spend diamonds on making something just to charge it, but if there's anything that's cheap and I can carry round with me/is easy to set up, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for your help! :)
  3. In my LP I've set targets like making Nanosuit armour in the first few episodes.. small goals like that can make the Let's Play more enjoyable.
  4. A 4x4 texture pack would be so pointless.. you might as well use the default texture pack, because it's not the texture pack that causes lag (except for comparing a 8x8 to a 256x256). Edit some things in OptiFine, that normally helps.
  5. I love this texture pack! It's my favourite, and I'm so glad that someone Technic'd it. My only problem with this texture pack (same with the original) is that the wood textures don't match. :(
  6. You know what? I hate people. As a life form, humans are ignorant, and I hate that.

  7. I've found a server, thread can be locked if needed. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. IGN: tommy_titster (Don't judge me by my username, my friends chose it and I'm getting a new account soon.) Tekkit Exp: A couple months. What is your best Tekkit Skill? Making "Tekkit" houses to fit machines well, and fixing machines. If you could add or remove a rule at ZagCraft, which would you remove/add? No excessive arguments over small things ("HE STOLE 2 COAL FROM ME!!11 BAN HIM!!!1") Excessive arguments will be settles by either warning then kicking the players, or replacing the object lost. Languages Spoken: English (UK) Other: [All times in GMT] I can be online from 5-9 weekdays, and most the time weekends. I have Skype, and I'm also looking for a stable Tekkit server to record on, as I'm starting a Tekkit series on my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/TheNoxity). And also, I'm 13 but more mature than most 13 year olds, which annoys me. Thanks you for taking the time to read my application, I hope I can gain a slot on your server. {It may seem like you would benefit from expanding your server, but if you'd rather have a nice, small community then I'd suggest away from it, keeping a small server with a nice community.}
  9. I wouldn't mind losing a couple sherpas on my travel to find a server. If you could find me a server with my requirements (or most of them) then I'd be very thankful, Neowulf.
  10. Hey, I'm Noxity, and I'm looking for a good Tekkit server. FIRST; Do not just say "look in the server list". If you say that then you are completely useless, as I am looking for a specific type of server. Soon, I'll be starting a Tekkit series on my YouTube channel (TheNoxity). I'm looking for a whitelist server (less griefing), with no PvP, no lag, and a nice community. Extra things would be the ability to "/nick Noxity" me, as my username is horrible and I'll be recording videos. Please, do not just say look in the server list for whitelist servers, as I have checked and cannot find a good server like this. If you own a server with the ability to suffice my requests, then please reply to this post or message me. I will happily join your server to start my Tekkit series. Also, I wasn't sure what Forum topic to put this in, so I just placed it in General Tekkit SMP for ease.
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