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  1. I want to change the config files for my modpack but if I do it would only be for me locally and not anyone else in the modpack. How do i change the configs? Please help quickly.
  2. I'm trying to play a modpack with my little brother and all of a sudden it only launches vanilla! Please help quick. I'm using FHM Stoneblock 2 if that helps.
  3. Lunar Client still forces me to log in sometimes after I start it. On the main menu screen where you can choose either Singleplayer or Multiplayer there is a button in the top left that shows what account you're signed into, sometimes it doesn't and you have to log in again. Also, cracked Technic accounts? I've never heard of this so far. And how the hell are they forcing players to use a cracked version? They are trying their best to fix this situation and if the people can't keep silent and patient, it's their fault. Imagine waiting for the new Iphone and then all of a sudden someone screams out and then just use a free, crappy version. It's not Apple's fault for not being fast enough, we can't all be The Flash.
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