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  1. That looks really cool. This is first Im hearing of it.
  2. What is the best kind?
  3. Always and forever.....
  4. JAO

    Retro gaming

    Any retro gamers here? What is your favorite system. I've been trying t o get my Atari 5200 going but stuff is really hard to find for it. I've got a Wii going also. hard to believe its nearly 2 decades old now
  5. Man I really love seeing coordinates like this
  6. been really looking forward to this too
  7. THis is some good info here, thx
  8. I super happy this got cleared up. I was pulling my hair out trying to get mine to work
  9. Even though I have never had much interest in sports, Cyberball was one of my favorite arcade games for years.
  10. taking whatever you want doesnt sound like the worst problem to have
  11. JAO

    Fallout Fans

    Fallout is sick! I can waste hours playing it..
  12. Cool I am glad I figured out how to get my machine going to play this stuff
  13. I am not an avid gamer like some, but I do a lot of tech stuff, and really it is kinda crazy just how much you can spend on a "budget" machine. I shudder to think of the cost of an "excellent" one
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